Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Well I have been badgered into have a blog so here goes!

I will do my best to post regularly just to update you all with sheep and goat news, as well as any other tit bits of information that may seem appropriate.

We have finished lambing and kidding now - finally - and have a beautiful selection of white and black lambs as well as 4 lovely goat kids. Here are some pictures for you to swoon over!

It feels like it has been a long hard winter this year, but the sun is at last shining and the lambs are all out in the field waiting for the grass to grow - roll on summer!

My Golden Guernseys lead a slightly sheltered life and only come out on lovely warm spring days at the moment - they are off to be de-horned so so will probably not like me very much after the end of the week! How cute are these!!

Well there is plenty to get on with now - the on-farm shop will be open over Easter with lots of lovely woolly goodies for sale - plus tagging, worming and generally getting organised - so signing off now - more updates on the way later!

Bye for now T x