Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Old Friends!

We have had a very exciting weekend - we took at trip to Norfolk to deliver 4 lovely ewe lambs to some old friends there - Kirsten & Richard and one of their lovely daughters Bryony - and we brought home with us the 4 ewes that I sold to them as lambs last year! Kirsten doesn't want to have a ram of her own for many reasons so we agreed that when the time came, her girls could come back to me to go to my ram, hence the reason for the trip.

I have a lovely new ram this year called Millhouse Maltster who came from another friend Sue Holdich at Stowmarket - he is a huge boy but very sweet and calm and the girls seem to really like him - very important!

So we trundled back with the trailer and let the girls straight out into the field. They trotted off the trailer and went straight over to my girls to check out the competition - had a bit of a rub and then decided that all seemed to be well - and got on with eating!

I am so pleased to see them again - they look fantastic and are quite clearly very well looked after and totally adjusted to people just like mine! The friendliest seems to be Elisha who always comes to the fence to say hello, with her sister Erin not far behind.

They will be with me for a few weeks, then alas back to the Barrs and their beautiful grassy paddock overlooking Happisburgh Lighthouse!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Funday Dyeing & Other Exciting News

We made it back from Melton Mowbray in one piece. Slightly bizarre weekend as very fortunately we sold both Matty and Joe the rams before we went on the Friday, to a couple of friends from Northampton so it is good to know where they are going to and who with. They are still with us until next weekend and then they should be off to their new homes with their new girls to make friends with!

Well, I thought it was time that I got down to some serious dyeing so having bought a sample kit from Wingham Woolworks of Landscape dyes, I decided to give them a go and was REALLY pleased with the results!

I used a kit called 'Destinations' which gave me 6 colours - only got round to doing 3 though - surprising how long it all takes! I used Waratah, Barossa and Broome (Waratah above). I dyed wool skeins as well as some rovings and locks and I have to say they look fab! I even did a bit of experimenting with shading which for a first attempt was ok. In fact I have already sold the two Barossa shaded skeins!

They were good to use and surprisingly easy. I set up my pans on my camping stoves outside under my covered area at the back door and away I went - better outside and then I don't get accused of dyeing the worktop in the utility room and steaming up the kitchen! Just need to find time now to finish off the other three colours!

The other very exciting news I have is that I have sold some of my very special wool to a new young design company in London called The North Circular! They specialise in using British Wool from British Breeds - very refreshing in this day and age of cheap knits from Tescos!

Do check out their website and look out for them during London Fashion Week - you never know some of the garments may be made with wool from my Wensleys!!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

I'm Back!

Well, first blog for a while as I am just catching up after a busy time on the farm and in the workshop.

The guys and girls have settled down well in their new home in Germany. They have mountains of grass so will get big and fat in no time at all!

Silvio says "They have an enormous appetite and eat nearly the hole day with only small brakes for ruminating!" That is what Wensleydales do really well - EAT!

We have a busy weekend ahead. My friend Ali and I are off to Melton Mowbray Traditional Breeds Sale on Saturday - early start I am afraid - we have to be there by 9.00am so we need to leave home at an ungodly hour of 5.00am so that means up at 4.00am! The goats won't know what has hit them on Saturday morning with breakfast and milking at 4.30am! Yawn - feeling tired just thinking about it.

I am taking a black ram and a black ram lamb to sell and Ali is taking her show ram Joe - let's hope they find a nice new home. Her is a picture of Matty the ram - he looks a bit different now though without his coat.

Here is the link to the catalogue if you are interested!

Wish me luck!
T x