Friday, 6 August 2010

Second blog of the day!

I couldn't contain myself any longer - I was going to call this blog 'They have arrived (2)' but that doesn't express how excited I am about the arrival of my new dyed wool! Feast your eyes on this yarn lovers ...............

Don't you want to just eat it!

Alas, there won't be any at the Orford Country Market on Saturday but it will be making a guest appearance very soon! Start saving your pennies now! T x

They have arrived!

The lambs have arrived at their new home in a small village called Raddingsdorf which is near Lubeck in Germany. Silvio has sent me some photos - they all look so relaxed and at home!

They have loads of lovely grass - lamb heaven!

I am so excited to have been part of establishing the first Black Wensleydale flock in Germany! We have a long wait now for their lambs but see them here first ..............

Well back to the more mundane aspects of sheep keeping now. We have fly treatment to do this weekend if it stops raining - not complaining as we have grass now at least - and then girls and boys together again - and there we re-start the cycle!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

As I wave goodbye to my Germany lambs ........

I have had a stressful couple of days trying to get to grips with the export papers required in order to send my black lambs to Germany. You would not believe the process - which at times I nearly gave up on. But I persevered through scrapie tests and brucellosis tests and the mountains of forms and vet inspections required, but finally yesterday morning I waved them goodbye as they were loaded onto the trailer for their onward journey to Germany, via the Dover - Dunkerque ferry. The man who has bought them says that they will be the first black Wensleydales in Germany so I am really thrilled that we are not only spreading the word, but that I have provided the foundation flock for this lovely man Silvio.

They arrived safely at the home of the transporter in Holland last night and have left there today, Tuesday, for their new home .............. am eagerly awaiting to here that they have arrived!

The other exciting news is that yesterday I picked up a new white ram and a black ram lamb for new breeding stock this year. The white ram has come from good fleece producing stock so am hoping for even more fleece improvement for this year - watch this space! Will try and post a picture soon.

Now, back to the fleece sorting .................. x