Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Job Done!

Well, finished at last! The last couple lambed last week so we are now back to normal sleep patterns and all are doing well.

Jacine produced two lovely little girls on Sunday morning - they are very sweet and delicate - just what you would expect from Jacine!

Last but not least was little Eve who produced a tiny baby boy on Tuesday morning last - his name is Eric and he is as petulant as she is! Both are doing well and she absolutely adores him. I thought she was going to have a stonking great lamb as she was like a little barrel but thank goodness for her he was tiny as she is not very big herself - as round as she is tall in fact!

So the final count is 37 lambs all safe and sound and enjoying this beautiful sunny warm weather.

Just a quick update on Beatrix who is growing by the moment, is a little terror and thinks she is of course human - so nicknamed 'the guman'. Aunty Abbey has taken her under her wing and looks out for her but Tabitha and Betsy play madly with her so they do make one big happy family!