Monday, 28 June 2010

I Make Fun Stuff Market and photos ...

We visited the 'I make fun stuff' street market in Ipswich on Sunday - primarily to at last meet my emailing and blogging friend Nic from Halfpenny Home - well it felt like we had known each other for years, and scarily, we loved the same things - all those fab buttons! My word, need to save up for a visit to her shop in Needham Market - think I might need more than an hour as well - and definitely not taking him indoors - why do men just not get it! How can you possibly have ENOUGH buttons or wool!

Anyway she had a great stall - just a fraction (she tells me) of her main shop ( note to self - go soon!)

I have also now had some fun photos from our resident photographer of our time at the East of England Show, so here are a few to wet your appetite!

Off to the Norfolk Show tomorrow so wish me luck! ....................

Friday, 25 June 2010

Bees and More Show News!

Well, we started the week with another swarm of bees in the fruit trees - alas the other one left again - but I was determined to try and keep this one. It was a smaller swarm but precious all the same, so armed with a photographer this time to capture the moment, I set off with my skep to retrieve them - and as I write this they are still with me so we hope for the best!

After a busy start to the beginning of last week, we packed up again and set off for the East of England show, which has been our best show this year for results - not I have to say for weather though! It was absolutely freezing! Despite there being three of us crammed in the tent, we had to wear several layers and my sister Em had to purchase a blanket - all wool of course! Still a good time was had by all and I achieved 4 1st placings, Reserve Male Champion, Female champion and Reserve Longwool Champion. My friend Ali won the Wool on Hoof and Champion Wool on Hoof which was excellent. Photos to follow .......

Having got back last Sunday, this week has also been non-stop with worming, craft fairs and tonight - oh joy - ragwort pulling! What an incredibly interesting life I lead! But someone has to do it! Hope hay making will start next week - we have no grass again so will have to start feeding hay soon if it doesn't rain.

I am at the Country Market in Orford tomorrow morning so do come and see us if you get the chance - there will be the usual goodies on sale and then we start washing ready for the Royal Norfolk Show on Wednesday next week - hope the weather stays like this and then the tent won't seem so bad!

Will post some photos when I have them - wish me luck in the meantime!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

One Down Three to Go!

Well, we now have one show under our belts so life has settled down very slightly. We had a good time at the Suffolk Show and did ok - we had 3 3rd placings, a fourth and a reserve - lambs could have done better but at least we had a placing for every class we entered! All were well behaved but glad to get home I think!

Here is the link for the results!

Off to the East of England show next which is Thursday 17th - Sunday 20th June. Hope the weather improves as we are camping! My friend Ali comes along with her Wensleydales and my sister Emma is coming with us this time as 'catering manager' so all should be well! Watch this space for the pictures of our encampment!

Managed to catch a swarm of bees yesterday for my empty hive so that was good. Should have taken a photo as it was a huge swarm hanging on one of my fruit trees, but don't seem to be totally in blog mode yet as forgot the photo! Hopefully next time ......

We also managed to get sheared at the weekend which was great - I think the sheep are pleased as they must get sooo hot in those coats! They don't half look funny now though!

Lambs are also weaned from their mums so we had a VERY noisey night on Saturday night - poor things! But mums have to be rested now before they start all over again.

On a sadder note - I lost my poor nannie goat Bluebell. She had produced 2 beautiful baby girls in March but unfortunately contracted mastitis which we struggled to clear. She obviously then contracted a further infection of some sort which resulted in her stopping eating completely. She passed away quietly on Friday 28th May........