Thursday, 27 January 2011

Well, she did it!

Well, Venus finally had her lambs yesterday afternoon. She did have a boy and a girl but unfortunately the little girl was born very weak and had a lot of fluid on her chest which we just couldn't clear so she only lived for about an hour. The little boy however is full of beans and coming along very nicely - but, spot the deliberate mistake - he is white as you can see - not really the desired colour for a Black Wensleydale. This will mean of course that I cannot register him as that is not permitted under the rules of the Wensleydale Association - Venus of course thinks he is totally adorable, which is all that really matters!

Venus in waiting!

This is him about 15 minutes old - I think his name will be Mo as we promised Ali's daughter the next lamb would be called Mo as that was her preferred name for Josie, who of course didn't suit it at all!

I am also £5 worse off as I predicted Venus would lamb early and just to be completely awkward as is her want, she produced on her allotted day! Hey ho!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Joy and Sorrow!

Well, I think I tempted fate yesterday by doing my blog. I was going to wait until the first lambs had arrived but got impatient - and then needless to say, have been up most of the night lambing now!

The first lamb arrived, virtually unaided, at about 6.00pm - a really cute little girl who we have called Josie (named after her dad Pyghtle Joseph, who is now abiding in Northampshire looking after another flock of Wensley girls). Both mum (Candy - known as 'the Candy man') and daughter are doing really well!

During all of this fuss, another ewe, Tillie (my favourite!) decided that she might quite like to have her lamb too. Well, it was clear that something was not quite right as she had no udder or milk at all. She spent most of the evening laying down, then standing up and generally feeling really uncomfortable. I checked her at midnight and it was clear that something was starting to happen. I called my friend Ali to help and after about half an hour it was clear that I was going to need further assistance as her womb was refusing to open to let the lamb out. I called another friend Maria who is much more experienced than me, for extra assistance - it is now 12.45pm. Well, to cut a long story short at 2.45am we finally got the lamb out - a little girl which had been dead for some time - very sad. Mum is ok but fed up bless her heart. Poor Tillie - next year girl!

No news on Venus yet - full of milk and ready to go - who knows - today maybe?
T x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, I can't believe we are the middle of January already - what happened to the time between Christmas and now?

We have been very busy getting ready for lambing which is due to start any day now. In fact I was hoping we would have had one or two new arrivals but I think because of the awful weather the mums have decided to hang onto them a bit longer - do you blame them? I do have to say though, one or two are looking decidedly fat and fed up! So watch this space for the first photos...... My friend Ali and I have a bet on who will be first - don't let me down Venus!

There has been a lot of exciting things going on though in other parts! My great friend Nicola at Halfpenny Home has now launched her website and great it looks too - do check her out and of course she is selling my yarn - including a special chunky with silk that I have had spun for her - catch the website here. Nic has also written her first book - I have ordered an advance copy so can't wait for March! It is available through Amazon here.

There have been new goat arrivals to - just look at this little one!

A friend nearby bought this little goat Eve and a friend from a lady who said that there was just an outside chance that she may be in kid - despite just being a kid herself still. Well it soon turned out that she was and that an arrival was fairly imminent - despite having been reassured that it was an October mating therefore not due to March. Well look what arrived a couple of days ago - isn't she just gorgeous - her name is Milka and she is sporting a cut down 100% cashmere jumper just to keep her warm! Mum and babe are doing really well ......

Well, that is all the excitement for now - hoping for some babies of my own soon!

Don't forget I will be at the Orford Country Market now every Saturday between 9.30 and 12.30 in the Town Hall - if you are in the area, just drop in!

T x