Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lambing now underway ........

Well at least it hasn't been another 6 months since the last blog but admittedly I am getting a bit behind with all this!  Where does the time go to?  My New Year's resolution was that I would try and do my blog more often - well it is early days but haven't really got off to the best start have I?  Still I am persevering!

The weather has now been seasonal at last but can't profess to enjoying it at all! Makes life such hard work when you have to haul water in watering cans to fill drinkers.  The girls are all fine they are all now at home and lambing is underway!

So back in the middle of January we had to undertake essential repairs to the roof of the lambing shed.  This was carried out by our good friend Phil - cold windy day but we were up for it and cracked on - job done!


Then on the third weekend in January all the girls were brought home to their lambing quarters.  It is very easy to have them so close to the house and much better at 3am when you are trying to check whether they have decided to have their babies!

Jacine was the first off with two lovely ram lambs - both absolutely perfect - adored by her of course as only she can! She had twin girls last year so I was fully expected twin boys this time - and I wasn't disappointed!  Sorry about the bad photo but taken at 10pm under a spotlight - not good for photography - will have to update with a better one soon!


Next up was Rosie - who took a week over her due date to think about it - but she will NOT be rushed - but it was worth waiting for! A beautiful black ewe lamb - very cute! Named Rona.

So that is it so far!  One now overdue - so we wait!

In the meantime the snow has all but gone but here are a few pictures taken on my morning walk about a week ago now.

Stan thought it was the best of fun!

That's all for now - not to self....  must be better at blog! x