Thursday, 22 July 2010

Fantastic Haberdashery and Gorgeous Dyed Yarns!

(Some of my wool at Halfpenny Home)

Well I have had a great week exploring new avenues for anything woolly - in fact anything vaguely crafty actually!

With things being flat out at the ranch currently, I have been investigating the possibility of getting some wool dyed off farm, as there are just not enough hours in the day here. Well, I have found a lovely lady Debbie who has done a trial run for me and I think you will agree the colours are just gorgeous ........

I am hoping to have some seasonal colours - starting with these for the autumn and then moving on to some icy blues and greys & greens for the winter - watch this space ....... Do let me know what you think about these though!

So armed with these lovely skeins, I made it my mission this week to get to Halfpenny Home in Needham Market, the fab haberdashery shop run by my new friend and blogger Nic.

Have you ever been into a shop where you shake with the thrill of gorgeous things? I didn't know where to look first - and now I think I missed something I can see in one of my photos! Nic has been a great supporter of my wool and I am very grateful to her for that. She has a real aladdin's cave of everything you could possibly want and runs some great workshops too - you must put her on your ' places I must visit ' list! She sells anything from wool to vintage buttons to fabric to feathers! I bought some lovely buttons, some beautiful cotton yarn and some cape fastenings - not sure what for yet but couldn't resist them!

Feast your eyes!

Nic has a great blog - do check it out at

I'm at the Orford Country Market as usual on Saturday, so why not catch up with me there if you can. T x


  1. Great post Tracy! I was describing the new colours to Jacqui today and now she can see them for herself. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your visit even though it has given me even more ideas and more things that I would like to do! We can't wait to come over and say hello to the sheep. Speak to you soon, Nic x

  2. Thanks Nic - my head is still buzzing too with new ideas! Why aren't there more hours in the day! Looking forward to seeing you. T x