Friday, 6 August 2010

They have arrived!

The lambs have arrived at their new home in a small village called Raddingsdorf which is near Lubeck in Germany. Silvio has sent me some photos - they all look so relaxed and at home!

They have loads of lovely grass - lamb heaven!

I am so excited to have been part of establishing the first Black Wensleydale flock in Germany! We have a long wait now for their lambs but see them here first ..............

Well back to the more mundane aspects of sheep keeping now. We have fly treatment to do this weekend if it stops raining - not complaining as we have grass now at least - and then girls and boys together again - and there we re-start the cycle!

1 comment:

  1. Wery nice animals and wool! Hi, this is Erzsi (Elizabeth) fom Hungary. I'm a beginner handspinner... I love to see the wool of your lambs. Maybe I can import a few blacks and whites from you one time. Now I have white angora rabbits. Friendly greetings from Hungary!