Thursday, 27 January 2011

Well, she did it!

Well, Venus finally had her lambs yesterday afternoon. She did have a boy and a girl but unfortunately the little girl was born very weak and had a lot of fluid on her chest which we just couldn't clear so she only lived for about an hour. The little boy however is full of beans and coming along very nicely - but, spot the deliberate mistake - he is white as you can see - not really the desired colour for a Black Wensleydale. This will mean of course that I cannot register him as that is not permitted under the rules of the Wensleydale Association - Venus of course thinks he is totally adorable, which is all that really matters!

Venus in waiting!

This is him about 15 minutes old - I think his name will be Mo as we promised Ali's daughter the next lamb would be called Mo as that was her preferred name for Josie, who of course didn't suit it at all!

I am also £5 worse off as I predicted Venus would lamb early and just to be completely awkward as is her want, she produced on her allotted day! Hey ho!

1 comment:

  1. Little Mo is lovely!!!
    Although he is not black, he is a nice and fine younster. (maybe he can live with us, we are looking for a new ram for this year)

    How sad that his sister didn't make it!!

    All the lambs of the Wensleydales are very unique don't you think? The great blue ears and the long tall legs, it's always so funny to look at.