Monday, 21 November 2011

Can it REALLY be 6 months ........

....... since I wrote my last blog - where has that time gone to?  Well I can't possibly catch up with all that has happened - I would drive you to distraction - safe to say all is well on the holding and rest assured quiet does not mean inactive!

Our rams have now been with the girls and all being well, all are in lamb - the boys are now taking a well-earned rest - there was a bit of argy-bargying going on this morning but I am sure they will soon settle down - they have a long winter ahead of them now to recuperate - don't look bad though do they? Stanley certainly doesn't think so!

The girls are all sporting coloured bottoms - what is the in colour this year? The orange is rather fetching I think!

My first lambs went off to the abattoir on Friday - poor boys - but I have their skins back and they are now salted down on the garage floor, before being sent off to the lovely Nicki Port at Organic Sheepskins for her to do her stuff - they will come back as beautiful sheepskin rugs which will be on sale at Orford Country Market after Christmas now.  The meat also will be winging its way to friends and family.

I have also sold my unregistered ewe lambs to a lovely lady Rachel in Bressingham where I am sure they will be very happy - she has the most amazing place - trains horses for film sets and other mad activities, so check out her website!

There has been a new addition to the holding - I have inherited 8 guinea fowl! They are funny things and make a terrible noise if they are taken unawares but they seemed to have settled in ok and I am rather enjoying having them I must say!  Can anyone tell the difference between boys and girls?

This blog would not be complete without a mention of Beatrix our little orphan Golden Guernsey who is absolutely amazing - she is the dearest, sweetest thing - but unfortunately thinks she is a human rather than a goat and cannot quite understand why she now has to live outside!  After Saturday she is now sporting her new earrings - not very impressed I have to say but sorry Beatrix - it just has to be!

(Sorry about the picture - she would not stand still!)

Well, that is a quick round up - I am busy making all sorts of woolly items now - I will be at Orford Country Markets as always on Saturday mornings in the run up to Christmas along with a great Craft Fair at Orford Town Hall on Sunday 27th November and Wickham Street Market on Saturday 3rd December, so do try and catch up with me before Christmas!

All for now - will try and do better in future - an early New Year's resolution .............

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