Thursday, 9 September 2010

I'm Back!

Well, first blog for a while as I am just catching up after a busy time on the farm and in the workshop.

The guys and girls have settled down well in their new home in Germany. They have mountains of grass so will get big and fat in no time at all!

Silvio says "They have an enormous appetite and eat nearly the hole day with only small brakes for ruminating!" That is what Wensleydales do really well - EAT!

We have a busy weekend ahead. My friend Ali and I are off to Melton Mowbray Traditional Breeds Sale on Saturday - early start I am afraid - we have to be there by 9.00am so we need to leave home at an ungodly hour of 5.00am so that means up at 4.00am! The goats won't know what has hit them on Saturday morning with breakfast and milking at 4.30am! Yawn - feeling tired just thinking about it.

I am taking a black ram and a black ram lamb to sell and Ali is taking her show ram Joe - let's hope they find a nice new home. Her is a picture of Matty the ram - he looks a bit different now though without his coat.

Here is the link to the catalogue if you are interested!

Wish me luck!
T x


  1. Hope you get on ok! I've just had a slower day for the first time since my birthday (alright, I know it was only two weeks ago but...)I've been re-skeining your yarns as they got a little tangled in the dyebaths. I'm off now to collect purple feathery rush heads, we are going to try and freeze them so we can dye all year round. See you soon, Nic x

  2. Well done Nic - the feathery rush heads sound gorgeous - v excited! Hope to see you soon, T x