Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Old Friends!

We have had a very exciting weekend - we took at trip to Norfolk to deliver 4 lovely ewe lambs to some old friends there - Kirsten & Richard and one of their lovely daughters Bryony - and we brought home with us the 4 ewes that I sold to them as lambs last year! Kirsten doesn't want to have a ram of her own for many reasons so we agreed that when the time came, her girls could come back to me to go to my ram, hence the reason for the trip.

I have a lovely new ram this year called Millhouse Maltster who came from another friend Sue Holdich at Stowmarket - he is a huge boy but very sweet and calm and the girls seem to really like him - very important!

So we trundled back with the trailer and let the girls straight out into the field. They trotted off the trailer and went straight over to my girls to check out the competition - had a bit of a rub and then decided that all seemed to be well - and got on with eating!

I am so pleased to see them again - they look fantastic and are quite clearly very well looked after and totally adjusted to people just like mine! The friendliest seems to be Elisha who always comes to the fence to say hello, with her sister Erin not far behind.

They will be with me for a few weeks, then alas back to the Barrs and their beautiful grassy paddock overlooking Happisburgh Lighthouse!


  1. It is important that the girls take a liking to the fella, we all know that! What lovely photos Tracy, I miss you and can't wait till the book stuff is finished and we can come and see you all.
    I showed Liz my ragrug friend some weaving today along with some Colinette yarns and your fleece - the shrieks of excitement and whooping alarmed my mother who is taking in all the Halfpenny Home stuff quite well so far. Nic x

  2. We certainly do Nic! I miss you too - why are we all so busy always? It must be so nice to have your mother back and involved in Halfpenny Home - was she quite ready for the madness though? The fungi look just fab don't they? And I am so pleased the fleece went to such a good project. Well done Nic - can't wait to see the book! T x