Monday, 7 February 2011

And then there were 7!

Just thought I would send you a quick up date on progress .....

We now have 7 lovely lambs - all doing well and seem very contented to be in the world. Mums are doing an amazing job feeding as always.

Here is the role call ....

This is a grown up Josie and her mum Candy - she is huge now at just under 3 weeks!

This is Venus - eyes on stalks as usual - with her boy Mo

Next came Ginger - unaided at midnight - with her girl Nutmeg

On the same night but not with the same efficiency Jessie with her twins, Owen and Jessica

Then late one Saturday afternoon after waiting 7 hours for her lamb came Maizie with her boy Jude who was determined not to be rushed!

And last, but certainly not least at the moment, comes Truffles with her little girl (she always had girls!) whose name is Joanna

We are having a bit of a lull now but normal service should be resumed hopefully later this week!

Just thought I would also pop in a quick picture of Cottontail my lovely Golden Guernsey goat, who is expecting twins on 7th March - now she is enormous and still a month to go!


  1. Thought it had been a bit quiet blogwise and now we know why!!!

    All gorgeous and look at all that potential wool....yum!

    See you soon, will email you about book launch - Nic x

  2. Beautiful! They're gorgeous.....