Tuesday, 8 June 2010

One Down Three to Go!

Well, we now have one show under our belts so life has settled down very slightly. We had a good time at the Suffolk Show and did ok - we had 3 3rd placings, a fourth and a reserve - lambs could have done better but at least we had a placing for every class we entered! All were well behaved but glad to get home I think!

Here is the link for the results!

Off to the East of England show next which is Thursday 17th - Sunday 20th June. Hope the weather improves as we are camping! My friend Ali comes along with her Wensleydales and my sister Emma is coming with us this time as 'catering manager' so all should be well! Watch this space for the pictures of our encampment!

Managed to catch a swarm of bees yesterday for my empty hive so that was good. Should have taken a photo as it was a huge swarm hanging on one of my fruit trees, but don't seem to be totally in blog mode yet as forgot the photo! Hopefully next time ......

We also managed to get sheared at the weekend which was great - I think the sheep are pleased as they must get sooo hot in those coats! They don't half look funny now though!

Lambs are also weaned from their mums so we had a VERY noisey night on Saturday night - poor things! But mums have to be rested now before they start all over again.

On a sadder note - I lost my poor nannie goat Bluebell. She had produced 2 beautiful baby girls in March but unfortunately contracted mastitis which we struggled to clear. She obviously then contracted a further infection of some sort which resulted in her stopping eating completely. She passed away quietly on Friday 28th May........

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  1. Sorry to hear that Bluebell didn't recover. Pleased to hear you made it to the show - well done!

    I have to say that Jessie gave me a fright: what a noisy eater!