Friday, 25 February 2011

Malt's first lambs arrive!

Just had to do a quick blog to say that the first of Millhouse Maltster's lambs were born last night - but not to me! Do you remember the four Wensley girls that belong to my friend Kirsten?

They came a visiting in October in order to take advantage of Malt's services! Well, Elisha, who we thought had not been served as she had no raddle marks on her (a raddle is a harness that you put on the ram which holds a coloured crayon - this crayon marks the girls backs once he has served them) gave birth to triplets in the early hours of this morning. She did it all on her own, first time lamber, and had 3 beautiful girls! How amazing is that?

Mother & 3 girls doing well!

Meanwhile we still sit and wait for Rosie to have her lambs - she looks more like a walrus every day!

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  1. Oh, how lovely!

    When can I bring my lovely niece over to see your lambs (if we are allowed?)she loves animals - it's her birthday tomorrow and I'm making a carrot cake. Keep on with the good work, look at all those potential socks....Nic x