Thursday, 3 March 2011

Quiet doesn't necessarily mean not busy!

Thought I had better bring you up to date with the current situation! Since I spoke to you last we have had 3 sets of twins and another set of triplets! And at last our first set of black lambs - hurray!

Everyone is doing well despite the cold winds and the awful weather - I had just forgotten how cold it can be living here and especially at 4.15am on Tuesday morning delivering triplets - exhausting and that was just me!

Anyway here goes - be prepared for the 'cute' factor!

This is Ebony with her twin black boys! I think they are going to be named Sammie & Davis!

Next came Cadre with her 'twin' girls - she was scanned as triplets but there was definitely only two in there!

Then came Rosie, completely unaided at around 3am with her boy and girl!

Closely followed by Masquerade and her triplet girls

I thought you might also like a picture of the other set of triplets that were born a couple of weeks ago. All three are great and despite having spent the first day or so under a heat lamp, Midge is now thriving and loving being hand fed by a bottle - not quite sure where a tiny lamb puts 7oz of milk at a time but there we are - hollow legs I reckon!

Still we are cracking on now - only another 3 weeks to go and I can have a full night's sleep - bliss! Roll on!
T x

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