Thursday, 17 March 2011

Beatrix it is!

We decided that after a week of uncertainty whether she would make it, it was probably time that our little girl had a name. So keeping to our true Potter theme her name is Beatrix - I think it suits her very well!

She is coming along leaps and bounds now and is spending the days outside in the goat house with the big girls, but still comes in overnight as it is pretty chilly out there. We are trying to work to her being outside with more company of her own sort 24/7 but it is slow progress. Still this morning we found an old coat belonging to our dear Bertie who we lost a couple of years ago - we haven't told her it is a dog coat - but she does look fairly smart in it and seems to enjoy the added warmth - there is room to grow into it though!

Watch this space for more lambs pics - 2 more sets of twins under our belt - only 4 ewes to go now - I am longing for sleep! T x

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