Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Time for an update?

Well, just stealing time for a quick update!

Firstly, Beatrix - she is a girl on the move now! We had a slight blip last week when she picked up an infection but seems to have got over that fully and is back out with the big girls again - still sleeping indoors at night as the weather is still a little on the cold side - but out on sunny days racing around.

We also have a few new arrivals.

Mara - daughter of Mable - produced 2 lovely ewe lambs - only one can be seen here feeding, but rest assured the other is latched onto the other side!

Izzy - wild and woolly - produced a pigeon pair - unfortunately we lost the little girl a day later so just has her little boy left now who she is totally devoted to - was a total nightmare last year and ended up killing her lamb - I think she may have turned over a new leaf!

The final two black girls have been busy - Ella - daughter of Tillie - producing twin girls on Sunday morning early

and Sable - daughter of Rosie (who is Tillie's sister - all white) doing the same - twin girls - on Monday morning at 2am! So had an early start!

Both are doing really well - I am so pleased as both lost their lambs last year and I wasn't quite sure how they would fair this year - but all seems well and they have both taken to motherhood like a dream!

Well, 23 down and just 2 to go now - both first timers and both due on the 25th March - so we wait with baited breath and the tantalizing thought of a whole night's sleep soon!

Will keep you posted
T x

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