Monday, 7 March 2011

Cottontail has produced triplets!

Just a quick post to say that my lovely Golden Guernsey goat Cottontail has produced triplets over night - 2 girls and a boy - I think the names will be Flopsy, Mopsy and Bob! They had a bit of a rough start and spent 3 hours under hair dryers trying to get them back up to temperature because their cores had got so cold - but they made it through the night being fed by tube straight into their bellies and look fairly good today.

Cottontail however is not so good as we speak. She has pregnancy toxaemia and is very poorly. The vet has been, she has had 7 injections and an oral drench, with more to follow later, so now we just hope for the best. She has no milk to feed the kids, so there goes another extra 3 jobs to add to the day - heh ho - it's worth it they are fab!

Will keep you posted on progress and photos - but here is a quickie!

Oh, and Mable had twin boys on Sunday morning - no names or photos yet - watch this space!

T x

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